Three Benefits of Ordering Produce Delivery From a Local Veg Box Business

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Everyday is a good day to start healthy eating habits. Increasing your veggie intake is a great place to start. It’s a small habit that can go a long way. 

If you’re looking for motivation to up your veggie game, ordering a veg box is a great way to do so. It’s a weekly box you can order online that includes pre-selected veggies.

It’s convenient and it takes the guesswork out of choosing what veggies to buy. It also pushes you out of your comfort zone to try new veggies and experiment in the kitchen. 

You can rely on the local veg box business for anything you need to create delicious and healthy meals at home. 

Nowadays, delivery services run the gamut from veg kits to fully prepared meals. Ordering a local delivery veg box is the most beneficial option for its unparalleled quality, taste, and convenience. 

Three Benefits of Having a Veg Box Delivered to Your Door

#1 - Better Quality Control & Taste

Large corporations are all about quantity while local veg box businesses pay attention to quality control. Local companies will select their products based on the needs of their customers, as opposed to a national sales plan. It's in their best interest that you’re satisfied with your veg order.

Local veg box businesses get their products directly from the best local and international farms. The majority of produce is seasonal and picked ripe. It is a unique farm-to-table approach to shopping that guarantees freshness and eliminates post-harvest deterioration of fruit and veggies.

The presence of pesticides and spoilage due to (bio)chemical alterations in supermarket fruit and veggies is one of the primary factors that have an adverse effect on their quality. By eating fresh produce, you ensure that you and your family are having high-quality food that isn’t biologically altered.

Not to mention you’ll get the fresh quality taste of vibrant and crispy veggies. It’s a win win. You’ll get quality and taste while also increasing your veggie intake. 

#2 - Convenience

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There’s no going around the fact that most of us live a fast-paced life with little spare time. Every minute we can spare doing grocery shopping is a minute more we get to spend doing things we enjoy, or better yet, experimenting with new recipes. 

Fortunately, there are fresh produce delivery services available to save you time and leave the guesswork out of buying veggies.  

You won’t have to worry about commuting to the supermarket and navigating the overwhelming crowds and lineups. 

Not to mention shopping in supermarkets can end up being more expensive. When you order local veg boxes, there won’t be temptation to buy other products. Fresh produce delivery services will typically sell only their fruit and veg boxes and nothing else. 

Ordering your weekly fruit and veg box from a local fresh produce delivery service simplifies the buying process and saves you time. It’s also an environmentally friendly alternative to purchasing from larger carriers. 

#3 - Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

When you order local fresh produce delivery, less transport is required for it to reach your table. Fewer automobile miles mean less pollution, sprawl, and congestion.

Produce sold in larger supermarkets and delivery providers have most likely traveled a long distance - significantly contributing to a larger carbon footprint.

Local veg box businesses get most of their products from local farmers and some international suppliers. These farmers often choose sustainable agriculture over conventional agriculture and help reduce the environmental impact. 

For veg box delivery services, eco-sustainability is not just a buzzword. It’s embedded in their everyday practices. 

Plastic waste can take up to 500 years to decompose, with some sources claiming that it can stay in the environment for as many as 1000 years. In accordance with the growing efforts to prevent waste and pollution in Canada, eco-friendly packaging has proved to be one of the essential elements in reducing plastic pollution.

So, most local vegetable delivery service companies replace single-use plastic with reusable packaging. This packaging is recyclable and easily disposable. It reduces carbon footprints and contains no harmful toxins.

To Sum It Up

If you’re thinking of increasing your fruit and veg intake, ordering a local fruit and veg box is the best first step. It might seem like a small victory, but every step that gets us closer to a healthier lifestyle and a better environment is a step in the right direction. 

Choose a local produce delivery service near you and order your first veggie delivery or fruit delivery (or both)  - whatever you prefer! 

Our family business uses a combination of local and international produce for the freshest fruit and veg boxes. Order now to get fresh quality produce to your doorstep. 

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