Four Influencers You Need to Follow for Veggie-Based Recipes

Now you have your fruit and veggie delivery box. What’s next is to get creative in ways to prepare your set of produce. So, where can you get inspiration to create vegetable recipes for dinner from here on out? Look no further than social media.

With the right influencers to follow, your social media can be a powerful tool to find your daily inspiration and creative knowledge, including delicious plant-based recipes. We found four influencers on Instagram that you can follow and take inspiration from their dishes, so your vegetable recipes are always delicious. All your veggie delivery boxes are fully utilized in your kitchen.

We love these four because they create delicious plant-based recipes from different cuisines. They also use other veggies and fruits, fully utilizing all the ingredients available in your veggie and fruit boxes. Also, who wouldn’t want more positive and aesthetic posts in their feed? These influencers take the extra mile when it comes to bringing delicious and beautiful content. 

Let’s check them out.



Lahbco (Nasim Lahbichi) uses unique spices in his recipes. If you’re looking for ways to use your spices and herbs with your veggies, his content is perfect for you. He makes delicious veggie-based meals with the recipes, so it’s easy for us to take inspiration and understand how to work with certain vegetables and spices in our kitchen.

With varied recipes in his content, Lahbco can take your cooking skills to a whole new level. From making excellent sandwiches to a fusion of cuisine techniques, you’ll have so many ideas to use up your full vegetable pantry. We suggest trying out his creamy bean pasta and apple fritter pancakes recipe.

“Sharing food that looks good and makes you feel good” is his content’s motto, and it does from the first recipe to the latest. With his unique recipes, you can make a whole veggie-based dinner, including dessert, for your family and friends.

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Justine_snacks (Justine E.) shares real good food with all her followers with her unique recipes. She utilizes the great flavors of vegetables and fruits to make excellent and delicious food. Aside from making great mains, she also has many snack recipes that prove veggies and fruits are natural treats. You’d be surprised the multiple combinations of fruits, nuts, and vegetables with bread there can be, and they’re all delicious!   

Her recipes are easy to follow, and there’s something for everyone. She has a wide array of recipes made for breakfast, dinners, and lunch, and of course, snacks. And to cater to different dietary needs, there are vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free recipes to try out. We suggest you try out her creamy lime Brussel sprouts and spicy kale and cabbage salad recipe. 

Justine_snacks’ content gives a great preview of the experience of cooking her recipes. We like how her short ASMR videos reveal that cooking veggies aren’t just an end goal. The whole process of preparing the dish creates a beautiful sensory experience. Slicing crisp and fresh vegetables are always therapeutic and give out calming vibes.

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Diala Canelo is a chef and author of Diala’s Kitchen, a plant-forward and pescatarian cookbook filled with beautiful recipes. Her recipes are inspired by her home and travels, which you can see on her IG page. The page is filled with inspiring food and recipes which you can make at your own home.

The plant-forward and pescatarian recipes are great for people who have these dietary needs. The recipes take into consideration the different flavors, and combinations fish can have with vegetables. Finding the perfect mix of produce for a specific fish may be difficult, but Diala’s recipes are a great reference and inspiration for how to prepare your pescatarian meals. Try out her maple harissa salmon with smashed potatoes. It’s delicious and simple to make.

Another thing we like about Diala’s recipes is that the ingredients are available at your local grocery. It’s convenient to find and easy to prepare, yet they are highly delicious. It shows that cooking doesn’t have to be expensive to be delicious.

Her ingredients are easy to find in your local grocery store, and you can order the produce HERE from us.



If you like vegan recipes with creative and modern twists, this is the perfect page to follow. Herbifoods (Paul Kober) e vegan recipes using different fruits, nuts, and vegetables. And whether it’s a big meal or dessert, his food is always easy to prepare. 

The recipes in Herbifoods’ IG page utilize different vegetables and may have recipes for every vegetable in your pantry. This page is a great way to get inspiration when you don’t know how to use that extra produce in your veggie box or your fridge; you have leftover potatoes? Try making roasted potatoes. Want to be more creative with your oats? Watch how he makes snickers overnight oats. Have a lot of veggies you want to use? Herbifoods has a vegan pizza recipe you can take inspiration from. There are so many recipes posted, and he keeps adding them up.

Each influencer uses veggie-based recipes to help inspire you to use every vegetable in your fridge. Learn from their recipes and adjust them to your needs. After being encouraged to make your version of their recipes, you’d be surprised that you can use all vegetables available in your pantry. 

Using your social media as a platform for learning recipes adds more positivity to your feed and your lifestyle. Learning different ways to cook means you can make the best out of all the healthy produce you bought, and you help create a more sustainable lifestyle for you.

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