Five Reasons Why You Need to Order Fruit and Veg Boxes

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Five Reasons Why You Need to Order Fruit and Veg Boxes 

Do you want to buy local fresh farm vegetables, but are too busy to go to the farmers’ market? 

The solution is fruit and veg box delivery. The ordering process is simple, convenient and seamless. 

You’ll have local vegetables conveniently delivered to your door, allowing more time to check off higher priority items on your to-do list. Not to mention- when you order local produce, you’re ordering higher quality fruits and veggies. 

If you’re looking to switch to produce delivery, look no further. Below are five reasons why you need to order your veggies separately from big-box stores.

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#1 - You Get Fresh and High-Quality Produce In a Box.

The vast majority of big-box stores buy the produce in bulk and well in advance. 

Fruit and veggies are likely to be stored over a longer time frame before they hit the produce section.

On the flip side, when buying from an online vegetable delivery service, you get a chance to purchase veggies as soon as they become available from the farms or wholesale firms. 

All the products you order will be at the peak of freshness. There is no long-distance shipping or and your produce isn’t sitting in storage for weeks. 

The veggies are allowed to ripen fully in the field, too - without any gassing to simulate the ripening process.

A lot of online veggie delivery companies even have their own farms. If you are lucky to find such a service, you can have the veggies hand-picked for you and delivered that same day. It cannot get fresher than that!

The veggies you order online from specialist companies will retain their freshness for much longer, and you won't waste any of them. In the end, you get good value for money as well as unparalleled quality.

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#2 - You Support Local Small Businesses Through Veggie Delivery

When ordering fresh fruit and veg boxes, you’re supporting smaller businesses and local farmers. This ensures that they’ll be in business in future. 

Smaller farms don’t need to mass produce fruits and vegetables therefore, you can have more variety. You’ll notice that local farmers will have more diverse crops. This is because the produce is grown in smaller batches and aren't expected to ripen uniformly. As a result, more varieties of fruits and veg are available. 

You also know exactly where your fruits and vegetables came from. There is something to be said about knowing where your produce was grown versus the ambiguity associated with purchasing fruits and veg from a big box store. 

Additionally because you’re ordering locally- the fruit is more fresh and tastes better.


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#3 - Who Says Healthy Food Can’t Taste Good?

Seasonal and fresh veggies will not only taste better, but also have health benefits

Big-box stores often sell vegetables and fruits that are grown in artificially simulated environments throughout the year. Such produce contains agents to look aesthetically appealing. 

It may look better on the shelf, but the quality and taste are just not comparable to local produce.

The appearance of local fruits and veg may not look nearly as appealing as the shiny apples you purchase at your grocer, but the taste is way better. This is because local produce has ripened naturally, reducing the farm to table time frame. 

Because the produce is fresher, it maintains its nutrients. Local farmers pick their produce when it’s at peak ripeness. This is when they are most nutrient-dense. Not only are you consuming delicious produce, but you also are getting the most nutrients. 

When you order fruit and veg boxes, having access to delicious and nutritious produce will be more convenient and the ordering process is seamless. 

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#4 - Veggie Delivery Is More Sustainable 

When you order your fruits and veggies online, you are reducing your carbon footprint. Here’s why. 

Ordering produce online for delivery requires less touchpoints such as air travel. The delivery model primarily relies on drivers that are going on multiple routes. Additionally, these services help reduce the use of plastic thus, reducing your carbon footprint. 

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#5- You Avoid Needless Spending.

Big-box stores merchandise items to upsell you on products. There’s an entire psychology behind impulse purchases in big box stores. If something on display looks enticing, chances are this is all done by design. 

And, let's face it- We have all ran to the supermarket for a few quick items and it resulted into a shopping spree. 

When you order fruits and vegetables online, you’re not only avoiding the temptation of enticing displays, you’re planning your produce inventory for the week. 

In Conclusion 

Ordering fruits and veg separately from purchasing produce at big box stores not only has health benefits but, it’s more cost effective, convenient and most importantly: it tastes better. If you’re looking to order a fruit and veg box, order here to get started. 

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  • Laura Shepherd on

    Our Thursday deliveries are something to look forward to! We are now all learning about different kinds of produce! My 3 girls and I empty the boxes together and we always have something we have never seen before. The surprise items can be really surprising! I’ll never forget having to crack open a granadilla from our first box and slurp out the inside!! We hop on the computer and try to figure out what it is and then how to tell the ripeness and how to prepare it. I have become far more adventurous with vegetables I can prepare and now have tried so many recipes I never would have. Grocery stores are very rushed and regimented for me right now, it’s nice to have someone take the time to pick the items for us preparing each box with such care. So glad that I came across this wonderful service, we’re hooked on your freshness!

  • Brenda BONES on

    So true! The freshness of the product is amazing! I forgot about a head of lettuce tucked in my fridge..and it was totally fresh 2 weeks later. I love the fact that the product is chosen for me as I can never tell when avacado and some of the other fruit is ripe enough . I look forward every week for my delivery. It saves me from shopping a whole aisle at the supermarket.

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