Delverde Farfalle #222 Pasta 450 gr

Delverde Farfalle #222 Pasta 450 gr

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Elevate your culinary creations with Delverde Farfalle #222 Pasta—a meticulously crafted Italian masterpiece that embodies tradition, quality, and impeccable taste.


  1. Authentic Italian Craftsmanship: Delverde, with over a century of pasta-making expertise, has perfected the art of creating pasta that stands out for its exceptional flavor and texture.

  2. Farfalle Elegance: Our Farfalle #222 pasta, shaped like delicate bows, offers both aesthetic appeal and a delightful mouthfeel, making it perfect for a variety of dishes.

  3. Premium Durum Wheat Semolina: We use the finest durum wheat semolina, ensuring that our pasta cooks to perfection with a delightful al dente bite.

  4. Versatile Culinary Canvas: Whether paired with rich sauces, fresh vegetables, or aromatic herbs, Delverde Farfalle #222 Pasta is a versatile foundation for countless delectable recipes.

  5. Resealable Packaging: Our innovative resealable bag keeps your pasta fresh, ensuring it's ready to deliver an authentic Italian experience every time you cook.

Suggested Uses:

  • Create vibrant pasta salads with a medley of fresh ingredients.
  • Craft elegant, creamy pasta dishes with white sauces and seafood.
  • Perfect for pairing with hearty tomato-based sauces and grated cheese.
  • Experiment with your favorite herbs and vegetables for unique pasta creations.
  • Ideal for entertaining guests or adding a touch of sophistication to weeknight dinners.

Delverde Farfalle #222 Pasta isn't just pasta—it's a culinary journey to Italy, where tradition and innovation meet to offer you an exquisite dining experience. Elevate your cooking with the authentic taste and quality of Delverde. Buon appetito!